Greetings & the Exchange Message Profile PowerShell generation script
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Greetings world!

My name is Dan Sheehan, and I work as a Premier Field Engineer for Microsoft, specializing in Microsoft Exchange. As an Exchange engineer I am an avid PowerShell scripter, and so I thought it was fitting that for my first official “Blog” post I would start of by sharing a PowerShell script I created to assist administrators/service owners with generating an Exchange “user message profile”.

This Blog post has been moved to the official Exchange Team blog post that you can find here:

I want to thank my BETA testers Scott Babcock and Daniel Hibbert (who also was the one who got me to put this script together in the first place).

Please feel free to leave me comments here if you wish, I promise I will try to respond to each in kind.

Dan Sheehan
Senior Premier Field Engineer

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